Artificial Intelligence (AI) may appear to be an abstract subject but it is already being used in every day technology to simplify the use of systems deployed in mobile apps.

Professor Philip Larrey from the pontifical Laterana University told TVM that Artificial Intelligence has a great potential to help society and humanity in cases where economic interests over-ride ethics and respect for humanity.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more relevant to life by providing electronic programmes that save a lot of work and time.

Professor Larrey said that Malta may become among the leaders to regularise the use of this intelligence.

“Malta is going to be a leader in AI, we can already say that with the number of international conventions and summits that are located here in Malta. Also the Government has been very active in promoting this in different ways and there are many thought leaders either here in Malta or that come to Malta often to discuss these issues.”

Professor Larrey said that AI is acquiring more skills and therefore he believes that ethics are essential to ensure that humanity takes priority over other interests.

“We should be careful of market forces, which tend to be blind and oriented towards money and sometimes they can force a product or system like AI to get out of hand, so we have to keep that in check. The most important thing with AI should be to help human beings do what they do, better.”

Professor Larrey is in Malta to launch a publication on AI and the meaning of technology in relation to mankind.