Humanity 2.0, a self-described “human progress accelerator” showcased last May 9 at a forum held inside Vatican walls.

Humanity 2.0 is built on Thomas Aquinas’s precepts for human salvation, namely, that we ought to believe, desire and actually commit to what our Christian conscience commands us to do. The project’s specific mission is to “identify impediments to human progress and work collaboratively across [multiple] sectors to remove them by sourcing and scaling bold and innovative solutions.”

School of Business Ethics supported by the Pontifical Lateran University as well as professors from Harvard and Wharton business schools was proposed by Fr. Philip Larrey. Larry is the Lateran’s professor of logic, author of Connected World, and chairman of Humanity 2.0.

Larrey said his vision for a School of Business in Rome would provide diplomas and certificates via intensive seminars with executives and entrepreneurs to “raise their level of critical thinking” without producing cookie cutter or Vatican imprimatur solutions to business ethics and by welcoming much more international case studies in collaboration with the world’s best business schools.