The Humanity 2.0 Forum is a broad spectrum gathering of luminaries and stakeholders at the Vatican to explore specific impediments to human flourishing and to discuss courses of action aimed at overcoming them.

The projects are: Humanity 2.0 Lab, Project Vision and School of Business Ethics.

Humanity 2.0 Lab
The purpose of the Humanity 2.0 Lab, put simply, is to build healthier humans. The Humanity 2.0 Lab’s mission is to contribute to the maximization of human potential through optimizing one’s environment to enhance human health and wellness, focused particularly on key developmental periods in a human’s life.

Project Vision
Project Vision is a Humanity 2.0 effort specifically designed to provide the roadmap needed in order to accelerate human progress. Project Vision has three objectives.
First, to formulate a common vision for humanity that communicates the kind of human civilization we should be striving to build. Second, to identify the most significant impediments to realizing this vision. Three, to triage them in order to provide a roadmap for action.

School of Business Ethics
The mission of the School of Business Ethics is to provide all businesses with the education and expertise required to operate ethically.
The School will train a new generation of leaders on how to run their businesses in an ethically responsible manner and provide consultation services so they have access to the support and expertise required to do so.