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What is meant by AI? What is the nature of intelligence? What is transhumanism and common sense reasoning? These are some of the questions which the book covers.

The relationship between man and machine has fascinated people ever since the writing of  Frankenstein, where we are warned about the unintended consequences of the use and development of technology. While scrutinizing AI, one profound question emerges as a natural result: what makes us truly human?

"Artificial Humanity" analyses several aspects of AI from a philosophical point of view.

During the book launch at the Chamber of Commerce on October 4th, the author proposes to open a philosophical discussion precisely about human nature itself in light of existing and future technologies, with particular emphasis on AI.

Many theorists working in the field of AI have identified a very relevant distinction: a sufficiently complex AI system can only choose among options; it cannot decide, because essential to making a decision is having a will – a capacity for willfulness.

Will technology help humanity to grow in virtue and flourish, or will it hamper and constrain that which makes us human? Is the transhumanist movement favoring true human flourishing or does it lessen that which constitutes human nature? Can humanity integrate technological advancements while placing people at the center? Will powerful market forces drive how we use technology and AI?


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Date: Friday, 4 Oct 2019

Time: From 18:30 to 20:45 pm

Location: Chamber of Commerce (64, Republic Street - Valletta, Malta)

Cost: Free of charge